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The simple and affordable preventative pet care plan for your dog, cat or rabbit

For simple and affordable care join the Pet Health Club









Prevention is better than cure. With the Pet Health Club, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. Save £100s every year on your pet’s routine healthcare and keep your pet healthy & happy.

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Why join the Pet Health Club?

  • Annual vaccinations
  • Year-round flea, worm & tick treatment
  • Flystrike prevention (for rabbits)
  • Six-month health check
  • Microchipping or £10 voucher
  • 20% off neutering

Prevention is better than cure

The preventative care offered through the Pet Health Club membership is a simple and affordable way to prolong and protect the health and happiness of your pet.

An easy and affordable monthly direct debit spreads the cost of your annual vaccinations and flea and worming treatments, whilst rabbits benefit from health checks twice a year, as well as fly strike.

And it’s not just about the routine care. Regular check‐ups with our experienced team allow us to monitor their health and spot any potential or emerging issues… often meaning we can prevent problems before they start causing discomfort or harm.

As well as spreading the cost of treatment, Pet Health Club members will receive the added benefit of discounts on many other items within the practice, such as neutering, dentistry, food and retail shop purchases.

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