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Pet Worming Treatment

Worms are parasites found within the gut of your pet

Roundworms look like pieces of string, Tapeworms are long and flat with segments, which look like grains of rice and are mobile.


They can occasionally be seen on the hair around the bottom. Worm eggs remain infective in the environment for years.

Symptoms Of Worms

Heavy infestations can result in vomiting and severe diarrhoea and cause a loss of blood, weight and condition.

Worms weaken the immune system, and by moving through major organs can cause other illnesses such as pneumonia. Whilst pets with less severe infestations may show no external signs, they are still a possible source of infection to others, including humans.

Preventing Worms

Regular administration of worming treatments can help prevent worms in your pet. These can be in the form of spot-on treatments or tablets. Dosage will vary dependent on the weight of your cat or dog.

A worming consultation with your vet can help develop the best worming protocol for your pet (including frequency and dosage).

Worming Advice For Pet Owners

Protection Against Parasites

Protection Against Parasites

Parasites are living creatures that inhabit the skin or inside the bodies of other animals. This article will focus on just one type of parasites: worms.

Parasites Source of Irritation

Parasites Source of Irritation

Deborah Smith BVM&S MRCVS discusses the best ways to prevent parasites becoming a problem for your pet.

Lungworm in Dogs

Lungworm in Dogs

Dogs with lungworm infection have been seen here at Scarsdale Vets, so it is important that all dog owners are aware of this worm and its potential affects.

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