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Rabbit Vaccinations

Vaccination will stimulate your rabbit’s own immunity and hence provide protection.

Why Should I Vaccinate My Rabbit?

When rabbits are born they have some immunity which has come from their mothers.


This gives them the antibodies that allow them to fight diseases they encounter but over time this immunity reduces, which is where vaccination becomes important.


In rabbits a yearly booster vaccination is usually recommended but this may depend on risk factors.

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What Do We Vaccinate Against?

There are two main diseases we vaccinate against in Rabbits:

  • Myxomatosis
  • Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) also known as Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD)

Both of these diseases are usually fatal and in the case of RHD can often result in sudden death


This is a highly infectious viral disease which is mainly spread by blood sucking insects particularly the rabbit flea. Direct contact with infected rabbits can also spread the disease through secretions. The incubation period can be 5-14 days.

All pet rabbits are at risk. Myxomatosis usually starts with swelling round the eyes and an ocular discharge. Swelling can then develop round the nose, lips, ears, genitalia and anus. They will often become listless and have problems eating and drinking. There are instances where rabbits have survived myxomatosis but as there is no specific treatment this can require 6-8 weeks of intensive care which can be distressing for both owners and rabbits alike.

Vaccinating against myxomatosis although is not 100% guaranteed protection, although the disease is milder and vaccinated rabbits will usually survive.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease

Vaccination Protocol

To give full protection against both Myxomatosis and RHD 1 and 2 two injections are required.

Myxo-RHD: this gives protection against myxomatosis and RHD 1. A single injection is given from 5 weeks of age, immunity is achieved three weeks later and lasts for 1 year. Annual vaccinations are recommended

Filavac: this gives protection against the new strain of RHD. It is a single injection from 10 weeks of age, immunity is achieved one week later. Annual vaccinations are recommended unless in a high-risk area in which vaccines every 6 months would be advised.

Unfortunately, these vaccines cannot be given together and there must be an interval of two weeks between.

Contact your local practice for any further information or to arrange a vaccination appointment.

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