VIP Dog Club

Join our VIP Dog Club and budget for your dog’s routine preventative healthcare.

Complete and return the application form to your nearest practice to join.

Join The VIP Dog Club

Why Join The VIP Dog Club?

Our VIP Pet Club enables you to budget for your dog’s routine preventative healthcare and receive discounts on some veterinary procedures, retail purchases and at our pet resort.

It’s an annual scheme, which can be paid for by monthly direct debit. We offer a number of options depending on the life stage of your pet.

Benefits of Joining the VIP Dog Club

As well as spreading the cost of treatment, VIP Dog Club members will receive the added benefit of discounts on many other items within their local practice, e.g. neutering, dentistry, food and retail shop purchases.

Join now to enjoy these exclusive VIP benefits.

JuniorAdultAfter 8
Clinical examination by a vet at time of vaccination
Primary vaccination course--
Monthly worming to 6 months old--
Nurse developmental health checks at 5 and 10 months old--
Annual booster vaccinatinon-
Flea treatments (12 months supply)
Worming treatments
Additional free health check six months post vaccination
Free nail clip at health check
After 8 blood test--
Free microchip
Insurance admin fees (max 6 per year)
Nurse health, diet and behavioural advice
10% discount off neutering
10% off dentistry
10% discount off retail shop purchases
10% discount off dog training and agility classes
10% discount off long-term medication (terms apply)
10% off blood samples
10% discount off pet resort

VIP Dog Club Price Plans

We offer a number of different price plans, depending on the size and life stage of your dog. Our monthly Direct Debit payment scheme spreads the cost throughout the year, so you can rely on constant care – it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Junior Dog Price Plan

    Junior Dog

    WeightAnnual CostMonthly Cost
    Small 0-10kg£152.40£12.70
    Medium 10-25kg£162.00£13.50
    Large 25-40kg£174.00£14.50
    X Large 40kg +£192.00£16.00
  • Adult Dog Price Plan

    Adult Dog

    WeightAnnual CostMonthly Cost
    Small 0-10kg£140.40£11.70
    Medium 10-25kg£150.00£12.50
    Large 25-40kg£166.80£13.90
    X Large 40kg +£186.00£15.50
  • After 8 Price Plan

    After 8

    WeightAnnual CostMonthly Cost
    Small 0-10kg£174.00£14.50
    Medium 10-25kg£178.80£14.90
    Large 25-40kg£190.80£15.90
    X Large 40kg +£216.00£18.00

Consult Care Plan For Your Dog

For an extra £12.00 per month, your dog can enjoy the following extra benefit:

  • Consultations and re-examinations with first opinion vets (see time restrictions)
  • Medication recheck
  • Post-operative checks
  • 10% discount off internal referrals

Make Your Dog a VIP Today

Complete and return the application form to a member of staff at your nearest practice

Join The VIP Dog Club