Veterinary Practice Celebrates Women In Business & Science

Scarsdale Vets marks International Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

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Scarsdale Vets is marking International Women’s Day on Thursday 8th March by celebrating the success of the women in its teams and inspiring the next generation of female professionals.

Scarsdale Vets was founded over 70 years ago and has thrived to become a successful business in 21st century Britain. The team of over 300 people is more than 85% female.

In addition to clinical roles at the veterinary practice, there are many business career opportunities with roles in everything from HR and Marketing to Finance and data analysts.

Wendy Furness, a Partner at Scarsdale Vets says: “Scarsdale Vets represents a microcosm of how women’s roles could be in a world of gender equality in business. Here we have people in every role that you can imagine, from client-facing roles such as client care advisors, vets and nurses, to people that make the business function happen, such as marketing and finance managers. We want women to be inspired to be who they want to be. There are many roles that some people still first think of as male dominated, such as surgeons and farm or equine vets. However, we at Scarsdale Vets are challenging assumptions like these and looking for opportunities to make all roles visible to women.”

Importantly at Scarsdale Vets, there are women in senior and leadership positions, running the business units and heading up the business departments, and 6 out of 13 Partners at the practice are women.

Furness adds: “Having women in leadership and senior roles is essential if women at the start of their careers are to succeed. We can be there to inspire the next generation to strive for these positions, if that is what they want, and see that it is made possible. We can also stand up and be counted if and when bias based on gender is observed.”

Over the past year there Scarsdale Vets has created many opportunities to foster women’s professional development within the business, from developing skills in leadership and management, to supporting further training and qualifications, as well as offering people graduate development, internship and residency programmes. There have been numerous successes across the spectrum last year with women gaining qualifications and passing exams in HR, Marketing and Finance, as well as in achieving clinical qualifications, including multiple successes in clinical exams from nursing to specialist vet exams.

To mark International Women’s Day, Scarsdale Vets will be filling their social media channels with positive images of women, working in the diverse roles within the practice, challenging stereotypes about the veterinary roles available to women, influencing others positively, and celebrating the successes of the women in their team.

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