Meet Kara Wildber

Veterinary Surgeon

Kara graduated from the University of Nottingham in July 2018 and started clinical practice at Medivet in Nottingham. It is here where she worked as a first opinion small animal vet for almost 3 years before moving to Scarsdale Vets. Kara has a particular interest in exotic species, especially reptile medicine, and she is hoping in the coming years, to study towards a certificate in this area. She particularly enjoys working with owners of all species to improve husbandry and discuss preventative healthcare of their pets.

At home, Kara’s house is dominated by her small zoo of pets consisting of two rescue cats (Cosmo and Irwin), a Bernese Mountain Dog (Brian), a panther chameleon (Harry) and a crested gecko (Sprout). In her spare time she plays the piano and has recently taken up photography.