Smallholder Contract Scheme

We offer a smallholder membership scheme to enable smallholders to access a scaled-down version of the larger-scale farm contracts.

For £21/month membership to the Smallholder Contract Scheme provides you with:

  • A visit to renew Herd/Flock health plan and discuss worming and vaccinations. There will also be 1 other visit for any other reason within normal hours
  • 3 Worm egg counts to check pasture build up over the summer
  • Reduced visit fees
  • Reduced wormer prices
  • Vaccines against clostridial disease for up to 25 animals. This can be used for a yearly booster or 1st dose of a primary course

All the above are per client, per year.

Exclusive Member Meetings

There will also be invitation only meetings for our members, these will be run quarterly and will include topics such as:

  • ‘Ask the Vet’ evening, email in any questions that are concerning you and have a group discussion about these on the night
  • Chirping Chickens and other poultry
  • Caring for the geriatric animal
  • Camelids
  • Pig care
  • Goats

Download the Smallholder Contract application form.

If you require more information about joining the Smallholder Club, please contact the team on 01332 294929.

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