Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating your pet is a key step in protecting your pet against life threatening diseases.

Protect Your Pet

The cost of disease prevention is much lower than the cost of treatment.

Vaccinations boost your pet’s immunity and act as the first line of defence against some very nasty and potentially fatal diseases.

We routinely vaccinate dogs, cats and rabbits against common viruses. Find out more about vaccinating your:

If your pet is a member of the VIP Pet Club then routine vaccinations are included within the membership.

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Prevention is better than cure

By vaccinating your pet, you have peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected.

It also helps prevent the spread of disease not just to other pets, but their owners too.

  • Dog Vaccinations
    Puppies get protection initially in life from their mother’s milk and then as they are weaned this protection wanes and thus vaccinations are required to maintain it. Typically we vaccinate puppies at 8 and 10 weeks old (though can be from as young as 7 weeks old) and then annual boosters afterwards. The primary puppy course acts to stimulate the body’s immune system to produce a protective response then the yearly booster afterwards maintains this immunity.

    Find out more about vaccinating your dog.

  • Cat Vaccinations
    Vaccinating your cat is very important for their health and for the control of infectious disease, not only for your cat but for the cat population as a whole. The greater the proportion of the population that is vaccinated the lower the risk for your cat, even when they themselves are vaccinated. Side effects of vaccination are rare and the benefits outweigh any risks involved.

    We recommend the vaccination of your cat throughout their life. Current evidence suggests that they are equally at risk of cat flu and enteritis, whatever their age. Even cats that never go outside can contract infectious diseases.

    Find out more about vaccinating your cat.

  • Rabbit Vaccinations
    Rabbit vaccination is available against two fatal diseases – Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. These are mainly transmitted from wild rabbits although insects can carry both diseases, so even house rabbits are still at risk. We strongly recommend that all pet rabbits be vaccinated on an annual basis with the combined vaccination for Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease.

    Booster vaccination after an initial course is vital for all rabbits. Remember Scarsdale Vets always combines vaccinations with a full health assessment.

    Learn more about rabbit vaccinations.

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