Pet Passports

A valid pet passport allows you to take your pet abroad with you on holiday.

A Pet Passport also acts as an export certificate for animals that are going to live permanently abroad.

If you are unsure whether a Pet Passport is sufficient or correct documentation for travelling to your destination, please contact us or DEFRA.

Please be aware that there are uncertainties regarding EU travel with your pet post-Brexit. If you are travelling with your pet on or around 31st October 2019, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss travel requirements. Until further information is available, we would advise avoiding non-essential travel around this time.

Travelling With Your Pet After Brexit

Government Advice

  • What Are The Requirements For A Pet Passport For My Dog or Cat?
    • Your pet must be 12 weeks of age
    • Your pet must be microchipped
    • Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies

    It is very important to remember that you have a 21 day waiting period before the pet passport is valid for travel with your pet. For example, if your pet was vaccinated on 1st September (day zero), you can travel from 22nd September (day 21).

  • Other Requirements For Re-entry
    Your pet must be treated against tapeworm 20-120 hours prior to re-entry to the UK. This treatment must be administered by a registered vet in the holiday country. The vet will need to stamp the pet passport validating that this has been done.
  • How Long Is a Pet Passport Valid?
    A pet passport is valid for the life of your pet but a rabies vaccination booster is needed within 3 years of the first vaccination and every 3 years thereafter. The vaccination details must be entered on the pet passport, signed and stamped.

    Some EU countries insist on yearly rabies vaccinations if a resident in these countries. Please ensure you enquire what the local regulations are to ensure that you comply.

  • Healthcare When Abroad
    It is advisable to protect your pet from ticks, mosquitos and sandflies when abroad as these may carry diseases to your pet. Download our advisory sheet or collect a copy from your local practice.
  • Useful Contact Information
    Pet Travel Scheme Helpline – 0370 241 1710 (Monday-Friday 08.00-18.00, closed bank holidays)

    As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with all new requirements for pet travel. Please visit DEFRA for more information.

  • Exporting Your Pet
    If you are exporting your pet, please contact DEFRA and speak to their export department. It is your responsibility to comply with all the regulations of the country that you are exporting your pet to.

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