Neutering Your Pet

When it comes to neutering your cat or dog, choose a team you can trust.

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus COVID-19 we are no longer accepting appointment bookings via our website. Please call your local practice to speak to one of our team if your pet needs veterinary care.

Knowing when or why to neuter your pet can be confusing, with all sorts of conflicting advice online and on the high street.

The truth is, every breed is different. A FREE Adolescent Pet Check with one of our fully qualified team will give you the reassurance you need.

Book a free adolescent pet check at your local practice and they will be able to discuss the health, behavioural and social benefits of neutering your pet.

Benefits of neutering
your pet

The health, behavioural and social benefits of neutering your cat or dog include:

  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies
  • Reducing roaming and marking
  • Increase your pet’s lifespan
  • Reduce the risk of mammary tumours (breast cancer)
  • Help prevent infection of the uterus (which can be fatal)

Got questions about neutering?

Still worried about neutering?

We have put together a definitive list of FAQs when it comes to neutering your pet

Read our neutering FAQs

What Does Castration, Neutering and Spaying Mean?

  • Bitch Spaying (female dogs)
    Traditionally, spaying involves the surgical removal of the whole reproductive tract (ovaries and uterus), however we’re proud to offer a less invasive procedure for younger dogs.

    By removing just the ovaries, it has been shown to retain the same health benefits as traditional spaying but with reduced postoperative discomfort for your dog.

  • Castration (neutering male dogs)
    This is the surgical removal of the testicles under general anaesthesia. It is performed via a small incision and buried sutures are used to reduce irritation.
  • Cat Neutering
    For female cats this involves the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus (the reproductive tract) through a small incision on their flank. It is performed under general anaesthesia and there are buried sutures used to close the incision.

    For male cats it is the surgical removal of the testicles under general anaesthesia.

Choose Scarsdale Vets when neutering
your pet

When it comes to neutering your pet, choose a team you can trust

  • One-on-one care with full qualified members of staff – from initial consultation through to full recovery
  • Safe anaesthesia with careful monitoring throughout the procedure
  • Highly-experienced surgical team
  • Hidden and dissolving stitches used as standard for your pet’s comfort
  • Pain relief medication individually tailored to your pet’s needs
  • Free post-operative check and dietary advice with a qualified veterinary nurse.

Need more neutering advice?

If you have any questions or concerns about neutering your pet or just need some advice, call or pop in to your local practice.

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