Dog Behaviour Classes

Our aim is to prevent behavioural problems occurring by offering a pre-vaccination chat with our veterinary nursing team, followed by attending the 4 week puppy training course we run.

Due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus COVID-19, all puppy dog and agility classes are cancelled until further notice


This course is aimed at dogs who are over excited around others and get distracted easily. To book a place please contact Kat Johnson at our Park Farm practice or Sam Fuller at our Stapenhill practice.

Puppies are learning all the time from our body language, communication skills and experiences they encounter.

A puppy does not have to be mistreated to become scared of people or new surroundings and the greatest cause is lack of positive socialisation and training. By getting it right at the start we prevent the chances of behaviour problems developing in the future.


Unfortunately behavioural problems are the main cause of euthanasia in dogs under 2 years old. If you are experiencing any issues however big or small it is best to speak to us now before it is to late.

Dogs learn how to cope with stressful situations by avoiding or showing aggressive tendencies, the more the dogs have to practice these behaviours the worse the problem becomes. Seeking professional help straight away means we are able to change dogs behaviour and emotional state, enabling owners to understand why and how to deal with the problem safely.

Dog Behaviour Classes

Our behaviour classes are held at Pride Veterinary Centre and we are currently able to offer the following:

  • Dog Obedience Classes
  • Puppy Training Course

Dog Obedience Classes

We offer fun and relaxed classes that cover the basic commands:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay

In addition to this sessions also cover behavioural situations you are likely to encounter as a dog owner, e.g. being outside, being around other dogs.

Puppy Training Course

The aim of our puppy training course is to educate both the puppy and owner on the importance of socialisation. This is a 4 week course. No puppies are allowed during week 1 to allow for a talk on dealing with the main issues puppies have. Weeks 2-4 will teach the puppies to interact with other people and puppies and basic training skills.

Please note, puppies must be vaccinated to enrol on this course.


Upcoming Behaviour Classes

Our next behaviour classes start on the following dates:

  • Online Puppy Training – 4 week online course starting 31st March 6pm

To book your place, please contact Kat Johnson at our Park Farm practice on 01332 554422

We Offer Dog Behaviour Classes At The Following Practices

Pride Veterinary Centre

01332 678333
Riverside Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8HX
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01283 568162
90 Spring Terrace Road, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent DE15 9DX
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