Equine Neonatology

Our equine veterinary and nursing teams are experienced in all aspects of foal care.

Sick foals require a lot of nursing care and often require fluid therapy, supplementary oxygen and assisted feeding as well as medication.

We are able to assess your foal at your yard and we can hospitalise foals for intensive care if necessary, and can provide round the clock care to sick foals.

Foal Checks

We recommend having your newborn foal checked at 24 hours old, or earlier if you are concerned about it.

At the foal check we will perform a complete physical examination of the foal and take a blood sample to check that the foal has received enough colostrum. If the foal has not had enough colostrum we can treat failure of passive transfer with a plasma transfusion.

At the time of the foal check we will also examine the mare and make sure the placenta is complete.

We are experienced at dealing with medical and orthopaedic conditions of the growing foal.

Please contact the equine team if you have any further questions about foals or need more information about breeding from your mare.

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