Beef Herd Health Plans

Having a herd health plan in place allows you to react quickly if any part of the plan begins to go off target

The vast majority of beef farms have a Herd Health Plan in one form or another. But are they used as they are intended?

The answer from several studies is an emphatic no, and the vast majority of farmers do not see any financial benefit to having such a plan.

Beef Herd Health Planning

Herd Health Planning does not mean complicated and costly plans that are tucked away until the next audit visit. They are a dynamic process involving the veterinary surgeon, specialist consultants and most importantly those people looking after the stock.

Each plan is unique to the farm in question; there is no “one cap fits all”. It is all about measuring, managing and monitoring, and reacting quickly if any part of the plan begins to go off target. Herd Health Plans are about having a strategy in place into which everyone involved has signed up.

How Do I Find Out What Diseases My Herd Has?

Subsidised blood sampling can be carried out annually at your routine TB test to assess the disease pattern on your farm including BVD, IBR and Leptospirosis. Following a change in the disease pattern on farm, we can react quickly to implement the correct procedure to control emerging diseases.

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