The ultimate aim of a profitable beef enterprise is to produce one calf per cow per year with minimum cost input.

Our farm vet team are committed to working together with the farmer to achieve this goal.

From extensively grazed commercial enterprises to high health pedigree units, we can advise you on the best strategy to suit your system.

We are very proud of the variety of beef herds we look after. From large to small units, from commercial to pedigree, Dexters to Piedmontese; we can cater for them all! We offer two levels of beef contract that can be tailored to your farm.

If you have any concerns about your beef herd, please call our friendly reception team on 01332 294929.

Beef Services for

  • 24 hour emergency service with 2 dedicated farm vets on call during all out of hours periods.
  • Fertility management including pregnancy diagnosis and synchronisation for AI.
  • Bull fertility testing.
  • TB testing and biosecurity measures to protect your herd.
  • Infectious Disease Surveillance & Management.
  • Parasite control testing and advice.
  • Herd health planning

Routine & Emergency work forĀ beef farmers

Our emergency work covers everything from difficult calvings and caesarean sections to scouring calves and down cows.

We always have a minimum of two farm vets on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. As we are not a mixed practice, you will always get a vet who purely deals with farm animals.

We will routinely admit sick calves to the practice and place them on intravenous fluids to help with dehydration following scours. Admitting scouring calves to the practice means that the calf can be kept clean and warm under heat lamps in our individual calf pens, they are monitored on a regular basis by our vets, qualified nurses and final year veterinary students, meaning that the vast majority of calves return to their mothers within 72 hours.

Many of our larger beef units now have regular visits as part of our Premium Beef Contract Scheme, we can also come out an adhoc basis to carry out routine work such as pregnancy diagnosis and fertility management, blood sampling for Cattle Health Schemes, Bull Breeding Soundness exams etc.

As with all other aspects of the practice, having a large fully staffed laboratory available means that samples can be taken and processed the same day; particularly useful in assessing downer cows or parasite control programmes for youngstock.

Farm & Equine

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Farm & Equine

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