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Bryn – Hilton Pet of the Month

Bryn is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel who lives with his brother Cody. We have been looking after Bryn at the Hilton practice since he was a puppy. He started having diarrhoea problems back in August of 2013. Initially when he had his first bout of diarrhoea he responded very quickly to treatment. A few weeks later his diarrhoea returned and so we began investigating what could be bothering him.  A step by step diagnostic approach was taken:

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Thistle Wright

Thistle is a handsome Burmese cat who was missing for almost two months before he was found collapsed many miles away from home just before Christmas.  A caring member of the public took him to their local vets and they managed to contact his owners.

When we saw Thistle, he had lost half his bodyweight and was very weak and dehydrated.  He was vomiting, so we carried out an ultrasound scan of his abdomen.  This showed an object stuck in his intestine which we had to take out surgically.  We think he had been so hungry he had eaten a lump of rubber!  A blood sample showed he was also very anaemic because he was so badly malnourished.  We gave him a blood transfusion from one of our nurse’s cats and he began to slowly improve.

Happily, Thistle is now almost back to his normal weight and he has returned to his noisy, naughty self.  The owners are just a bit worried about letting him outside again in case he decides to go on another risky expedition when he’s already used up so many of his nine lives!


Casper had had a lovely Christmas with his family this year.  Unfortunately one morning just before New Year, Casper suddenly collapsed at home.  His owners were understandably worried and rushed him straight to the surgery.  When he arrived here the vet examined him and carried out a few tests, including an ultrasound, which found that he had a mass on his spleen that was bleeding into his abdomen.  He was rushed into theatre for an operation to stop the bleeding which meant removing his spleen.

He recovered well from the operation but due to him losing a lot of blood during the operation, he went to Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby for monitoring.  He made very good progress during that night and went home the following day.  He has since been back to the surgery for a check-up and the Vet was really happy with his progress.  His owners are delighted to have Casper back to his normal self.