Our aim is to prevent behavioural problem occurring by offering pre-vaccination chat with our veterinary nursing team. Followed by attending the 4 week puppy training course we run. To book a place please contact Kat Johnson.

Puppies are learning all the time from our body language, communication skills and experiences they encounter. A puppy does not have to be mistreated to become scared of people or new surroundings and the greatest cause is lack of positive socialisation and training. By getting it right at the start we prevent the chances of behaviour problems developing in the future.

Unfortunately behavioural problems are the main cause of euthanasia in dogs under 2 years old. If you are experiencing any issues however big or small it is best to speak to us now before it is to late.

Dogs learn how to cope with stressful situations by avoiding or showing aggressive tendencies, the more the dogs have to practice these behaviours the worse the problem becomes. Seeking professional help straight away means we are able to change dogs behaviour and emotional state, enabling owners to understand why and how to deal with the problem safely.