About the Small Animal Team

At Scarsdale Vets we are fortunate to have a large team of experienced and helpful veterinary surgeons assisted by friendly qualified veterinary nurses, technicians, receptionists and many other staff who work hard to ensure that our patients and their owners receive the highest quality care and attention.

Our staff are expected and supported to undergo further professional development which enables us to offer a whole range of services and ensures that our standards are high and our knowledge and techniques are always to the forefront. Many of our vets have additional qualifications, allowing us to provide a referral service for other veterinary practices.

We have a caring team of experienced veterinary nurses who can give FREE advice on a wide range of pet care topics such as weight control, dental care, mobility, worming and many other services. Our Nurse Clinics are proving very popular!

The vast majority of our staff are pet owners so we know only too well how much our clients care for their pets.  We always aim to treat our patients with care and respect and as if they were our own.