Noise Desensitisation Evening

Book Your Place on our Noise Desensitisation Evening on Thursday 1st March. Call 01332 678333, tickets just £5 (£6/couple).

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Book Your Place on our Noise Desensitisation Evening on Tuesday 27th March

  • Does your pet bark at loud noises?
  • Hide during fireworks?
  • Have accidents when there are sudden loud noises?

Join us on Thursday 1st March and learn some practical tips on helping your pets deal with loud noises to minimise the impact on your family life.

When: Tuesday 27th March, 7.00pm

Where: Pride Veterinary Centre

How Much: £5/person (or £6/couple)

A Desensitisation Program You Can Use At Home

Katrina Johnson will present an evening that shares practical tips that you can use at home, including a CD and step-by-step instructions (one per family). A memory stick is available as an alternative.

Book Your Place

Call 01332 678333 to book your place

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