Nematodirus in Lambs

Nematodirus is a roundworm that causes diarrhoea in young lambs during late spring and early summer. Bobby Hyde discusses the risk factors and how it can be prevented.

Ergot Poisoning

Ergot is a fungus that is found on the seed heads of cereal grains and grasses. Vicki Rhodes explains more about ergot poisoning and how to treat it.

Has My Pet Got Dental Problems?

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions we are seeing in our pets due to the fact our pets are living longer. Learn the signs of dental disease and how it can be prevented.

Farm Drug Prices. Is Internet Best?

To ensure we are giving you the best service we run the price of our top 70 farm drugs against one of the main internet drug suppliers every month, and come out on top on most products. Find out more

Sick Cria? Alpaca My Plasma!

Fay Pooley discusses the importance of colostrum for baby alpacas (cria) and how a plasma transfusion can help those who fail to receive enough colostrum within the first 6 hours of life.