Temporary Phone Disruption at Pride Veterinary Centre

We are making improvements to our telephone system at Pride Veterinary Centre from midday today. Please use these temporary phone numbers if you can’t get through to us during this period: 01332 325 831 for appointments, repeat prescriptions, resort & general enquiries / 01332 325 832 for referrals

Staff Focus: Corrie Yeomans

When did you start working for Scarsdale Vets? I started at Pride Veterinary Centre in August last year 2017. What’s a ‘typical’ day like for you here at Pride Veterinary Centre? I am a rotating nurse which involves rotating around prep/theatre, medicine, imaging, wards and neurology. Occasionally I will rotate around cardiology and ophthalmology to […]

Environmental Impact of Moxidectin

We’d like to draw your attention to the following update to the SPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics) for moxidectin products (specifically the ‘Cydectin’ and ‘Zermex’ ranges): ‘Moxidectin fulfils the criteria for a (very) persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substance; therefore, exposure of the environment to moxidectin must be limited… Treatments should be administered only when […]

A Chilling Tale

Vaccines have a very short shelf life once opened or reconstituted, and they must be kept, during both storage and transport, at a cool 2-8°C. Going outside this range could mean the vaccine loses its potency and efficacy.

Top Tips At Foaling Time

Follow Rhiannah’s 8 top tips for foaling time, including the signs to look out for and understanding common foaling ‘abnormalities’. Read the full article

Mineral Boluses: Do It Once, Do It Right!

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new range of cattle boluses that are exclusive to XLVets clients – the Oligovet range. Supplementing your cows at each major step of their cycle is important to keep them – and their calves – in good health all year round. A variety of trace […]