Jacqui Paton has a surprise snake rescue

Equine Vet Jacqui Paton had a suprise extra when on a visit to a horse last
week when she had to rescue a grass snake.

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Jacqui Paton with Grass SnakeSometimes we don’t always get what we bargained for when called out, but equine vet Jacqui Paton had an unusual ‘extra’ when called out to a horse visit recently.

A snake had been spotted in a drain and people were concerned about its presence.  Jacqui rescued the snake out of the drain and identified it as a harmless grass snake and released it in scrub nearby.

People worry about snakes, however, grass snakes are harmless (unless you are a frog!) and none poisonous.  They are beautiful creatures and protected in the UK.  Everybody on the team was envious that Jacqui had got to see and handle such an excellent example of this little seen species.

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