Free Adolescent Pet Check

Knowing when or why to neuter your pet can be confusing – with all sorts of conflicting advice online, and on the high street.

The truth is every breed is different and a FREE Adolescent Pet Check with one of our fully qualified team will give you the reassurance you need. They’ll be able to discuss the health, behavioural and social benefits of neutering your dog or cat, which include:

  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies
  • Reducing roaming and marking
  • Can increase your pet’s lifespan
  • Reduce the risk of mammary tumours (breast cancer)
  • Helps prevent infection of the uterus, which can be fatal

Book a Free Adolescent Pet Check

Book a free adolescent pet check at any one of our practices and receive the reassurance you need before neutering your pet.

To book your appointment, call or pop in to your local practice.

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