Everyone in the farm team are involved in 100% farm animal work so there is a great deal of sheep expertise in the practice. Chris Parker (one of the senior partners) has previously lectured to the local Sheep Society for the last 15 years.  From flock health planning to practical lambing courses, our experienced Scarsdale Farm Team can work alongside you to maximise lamb crops.

Routine Work & Emergencies

Our regular work with sheep can be divided into two main categories:-

  • Flock advisory work including control of flock problems, lameness, abortion, ill-thrift in lambs, worming etc. These visits usually entail the sampling of several ewes to try to ascertain a ‘flock picture’ of the diseases circulating. Such sampling visits can form the basis of a flock health plan.
  • The individual ill or lambing sheep are often brought down to the surgery to give a more cost-effective service. Sheep with lambing difficulties may require a caesarean section which, if carried out at an early stage has a good prognosis for both ewe and lamb. Unusual cases may be referred onto Gayle Hallowell of Nottingham University for extra attention and more detailed diagnosis.