Scarsdale Drugs Pricing

At the Scarsdale Farm practice, we realise that farm veterinary drugs prices are a major expense for most of our farm and small holder clients.  We therefore try to make our drug prices as competitive as possible.

We compare the top 10 selling farm products with various internet sites on a regular basis to give you our best possible deal. In order to benefit from these competitive prices drugs must be paid for at the time of collection. If they are not paid for at the time they will be subject to a surcharge.

  • Internet prices
  • No chilled delivery fees for vaccines
  • 99% of common tubes and antibiotics available off the shelf
  • Vaccines available within 24 hours
  • Collect at any of 4 different surgeries depending on what is nearest for you
  • If we can’t get it there on time, we will deliver it for you

Farm clients with a drugs account payable by Direct Debit can take advantage of our Internet price matching service.

We are also very competitive on wormers and fly products. Please ask your vet for our latest offers.

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