Beef Herd Health

The ultimate aim of a profitable beef enterprise is to produce one calf per cow per year with minimum cost input.

The Scarsdale farm vet team are committed to working together with the farmer to achieve this goal.  No matter how small your herd is we can advise you on the best strategy to suit you.  Our work on beef farms ranges from maximising calf health and growth rates through preventative medicine to emergency caesarean sections.

We offer comprehensive Herd Health Planning to suit all sizes of herd. Each plan is unique to the farm in question; there is no “one cap fits all”.  It is all about measuring, managing and monitoring, and reacting quickly if any part of the plan begins to go off target.

Subsidised blood sampling can be carried out to assess the disease pattern on your farm including BVD, IBR and Leptospirosis.  Advice regarding biosecurity and vaccination is included in your health plan.  Infectious diseases are not restricted to larger herds and control strategies are just as important in smaller herds

Another important aspect of herd management is ensuring that your bull is able to get your cows in calf. One in four bulls in the UK has sub-normal fertility; reasons for this include small scrotal circumference, poor semen quality (motility or morphology) and poor serving ability. The Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BBSE) performed 4-6 weeks prior to the service period allows a proactive approach to screening out sub-fertile bulls.

Electro-ejaculation (EEJ) is now the standard method of semen collection used by specially trained veterinary surgeons in the UK including Rose Jackson.  The procedure is relatively quick (about 60 minutes) and safe providing an appropriate crush is available.  The majority of the semen evaluation is carried out on farm giving you a quick idea as to the ability of your bull.  The remainder is done in our own lab giving you a quick turn-around of results.

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