Mastitis and Milk Quality

Scarsdale Vets is fortunate to have several vets registered to implement the DairyCo Mastitis Plan (  Whether your farm has clinical Mastitis problems, high cell counts or you just want to ensure your cows’ udder health is as good as it possibly can be, the DairyCo Plan offers a holistic approach to mastitis and cell count control.

Analysis of cell count and mastitis records is followed by a farm visit, which includes a housing assessment and a milking visit to look at teat condition and the milking routine. A tailor-made mastitis control plan is drawn up to target the specific mastitis pattern on your farm, and ongoing monitoring allows improvement to be measured.

We do all our own mastitis bacteriology in our lab which means we have a quick turn-around of culture results.  As well as finding out which pathogens are causing problems, we will advise you on how best to treat infections.

We can also produce monthly cell count reports based on your milk records, providing specific advice on dry period performance, patterns of infection and how to manage problem high cell count cows.   Monitoring your cell counts on a regular basis allows us to detect and respond to problems before they get out of control.

Whatever your requirements, we have a wealth of expertise and experience at our fingertips.