Beef Initiative

Knowing the disease status of your herd is vital in preventing infectious disease and maximising profits.

An easy way of establishing whether certain infectious diseases are circulating on your farm is to blood test a small group of youngstock.

We would recommend sampling 6 animals from your farm, these must be:

  • Home bred
  • Unvaccinated
  • 6-15 months of age

If animals from this cohort are blood sampled and the results indicate that antibodies to diseases are present, then it is likely that there is disease circulating on your farm.

The main diseases that we would be looking for are:

This testing costs only £15 (ex VAT) and this includes a written report summarising the results. This service has been kindly subsidised by MSD.

If you are interested in taking part in the ‘Beef Check’ initiative, please let your Vet/TB tester know and this can be carried out on day 2 of your TB test.

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