Farm Referrals

We have an experienced senior team who are happy to accept referral work for a number of different circumstances:

Individual Animals

These will be seen by one of our own senior veterinary team with a special interest in a particular species or condition, or when in-depth clinical investigation is required then we would recommend one of our visiting Nottingham Vet School specialists, Gayle Hallowell. Gayle has specialist interest in the imaging of all individual ruminant cases and also has a particular interest in Alpacas. If the referred animal has been treated by another veterinary surgeon first, we would need to contact them to discuss the case and access any relevant laboratory reports.

Herd or Flock problems

Again these are examined by one of the senior veterinary surgeons with an interest in that area, for example, for fertility problems we would recommend referral to one of our DBR holders. These cases may also be referred to the Nottingham University Farm team.

Legal Cases

Members of the farm team have appeared as expert witnesses in various court cases and are always happy to discuss cases with legal counsel.

Clinical Trial Work

The practice farm team is always interested in expanding the boundaries of farm veterinary medicine and as such is happy to co-operate with suitable clinical trials. Any farm trial work will only ever be carried out with the full permission of the farm client concerned and only if the practice is satisfied that welfare is not in any way compromised.