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Carolyn Baguley explains more about our next poisonous plant of the month: Rhododendron. Rhododendron, a member of the Ericaceae family along with azaleas, contains the same toxic agent (grayanotoxin) as our previous ‘poisonous plant of the month’, Pieris japonica, and causes similar signs. All parts of the plant contain the grayanotoxin. Poisoning usually occurs when […]

Preparing For Tupping

Although it’s only June, it’s already time to think about this year’s tupping – especially if you plan on early lambing! Read Emily’s advice

Pieris Japonica

Pieris is a beautiful but deadly ornamental shrub, common in modern gardens, that causes vomiting, acute colic, depression and eventually heart failure and death. Carolyn explains more

Getting Off To A Good Start

Calves are the future of your herd. Ensuring that they get the best start in life helps you to have a healthy and profitable herd in the future. Emily Payne explains more.

Nematodirus in Lambs

Nematodirus is a roundworm that causes diarrhoea in young lambs during late spring and early summer. Bobby Hyde discusses the risk factors and how it can be prevented.