Star Pets


It was with great sadness that Marie our Head Nurse lost her old pony Diddles. Like Sting, Diddles wasn’t his real name; he was Cherokee but as with all stars we all knew him by his stage name. Diddles was a charismatic pony who originally wasn’t keen on vets. He would rush to the back of the stable on full alert to any imminent attack; however he grew to love us too over the years favouring particularly out of hours and Boxing Day visits. He had many a trip to the practice sometimes as a patient where he was very brave and stoic and sometimes as a demonstrator for courses. We will all miss him but none more so than Marie who loved riding him in his younger years and then gave him the best


Del is a fantastic horse who has successfully competed in his younger days. He is now 22 years young (he thinks he’s a five year old!!) and still keeping Chris his rider on her toes!

After successful treatment for lameness in 2009 by Jacqui, involving a combination of medication, remedial farriery by Simon Murray and dedication from Chris, Del is fighting fit and has recently found fame and fortune as a model for Baileys horse feeds!

Del is a credit to his owner’s care and can be seen in adverts for Bailey’s Top Line Conditioning cubes. He is a fantastic example of how much the older horse has to offer.