Pre Breeding Examination

Prior to embarking on breeding from your mare, we recommend a pre-breeding veterinary check.  This will involve a general health check as low grade illnesses such as lameness, worm infestation or respiratory infections can lower the mare’s fertility.  The external reproductive tract will be checked, in some cases the mare’s conformation may indicate that she will need stitches after insemination (Caslick’s Procedure), to minimise contamination of the uterus and maximise her chances of becoming pregnant.  A speculum examination of the vagina and uterus will be carried out to identify any abnormalities such as adhesions or scarring.  Ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries will be carried out.  This will show any abnormalities such as uterine cysts or free fluid, ovarian abnormalities such as growths and that the mare is cycling normally.

Prior to AI or going to stud, we recommend testing for Equine Viral Arteritis – EVA (via a blood sample) and Contagious Equine Metritis – CEM (via a clitoral or cervical swab).  Both these diseases can cause major infertility problems.  In addition many studs require additional tests such as blood samples for strangles exposure. It is important to check with the stud for their requirements