Artificial Insemination

Scarsdale Veterinary Group are a BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) approved AI practice for chilled and frozen semen. Four of our vets have further training in equine artificial insemination. Our new facilities allow us to have more mares in the clinic for artificial insemination as we have ten additional stables and the paddocks are now available again for mare and young stock grazing.

Mares stay at the clinic for a few days around the time of ovulation to allow frequent ultrasound examinations ensuring that the mare will be inseminated at the optimum time.

We offer set price packages for both chilled and frozen semen.  The price includes:

  • Initial assessment including examination of the external and internal reproductive tract, and ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries
  • Endometrial swab to check that the uterus is healthy
  • Up to seven days grass livery
  • All ultrasound examinations
  • Hormones to control the timing of ovulation
  • Insemination
  • Evaluation of semen
  • Post insemination examinations to check for ovulation and for any uterine infection or pooling of uterine fluid
  • Associated paperwork
  • Caslicks operation if required
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis at 14-16 days and 28 days

More about Artificial Insemination

Not included in the price

  • Any home visits
  • CEM swab
  • Sedation if necessary
  • Treatment of any post breeding endometritis
  • Further insemination cycles if required
  • Cost of semen and delivery (to be arranged with stallion/stud owner)
  • Any additional livery

Artificial insemination with chilled semen (view information sheet)

£250 plus VAT per cycle

Artificial insemination with frozen semen (view information sheet)

£310 plus VAT per cycle

Artificial Insemination