Reproductive Services

Scarsdale Veterinary Group offers a range of reproductive services for your mare, from routine pregnancy scanning to infertility investigations.  We can carry out these services at the clinic or, if necessary, at your own premises.  If you have any queries or questions about equine breeding please contact Jacqui Paton, Kate Southorn,  or Becky Lees at the Practice.

Five of our vets have further training and experience in equine artificial insemination (AI) and the practice is on the BEVA approved practice list for both chilled and frozen semen.  AI is carried out at the clinic where we can offer both stabling and paddocks for mares and foals.  For further information please view the equine artificial insemination section of the website.

All our equine team are fully trained to deal with reproductive emergencies and sick foals. We have excellent in patient and surgical facilities in case these are needed.

Reproductive services