Insurance claims at the Scarsdale Equine Practice are managed by Jenny Carr. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jenny on 01332 294929, who will be happy to help.

Equine Insurance – An Overview.

Horse ownership carries with it a responsibility by the owner to ensure the horse is kept in as good a condition as possible.  However, horses can and do become very ill (sometimes very quickly) which can result in expensive vets bills.  Horses and ponies cannot ‘tell’ us exactly what is wrong with them so everything from severe colic through to a subtle hind limb lameness requires a number of diagnostic tests before the final diagnosis is made.  The obvious result of which is the selection of an appropriate treatment to get the horse back to full health (and ideally back in full work) as quickly as possible.  This procedure can be a drawn out process, potentially involving expensive diagnostics or emergency surgical procedures, which can add up to thousands of pounds in vets’ bills.

High quality equine veterinary medicine and surgery can be expensive.  The best way to buffer yourself from unforeseen bills is forward planning.  As a responsible horse owner you should make yourself aware of the risks of keeping a horse.  Did you know that if your horse kicked a passer by or caused a car accident then you may well find yourself legally liable, in court, paying damages of thousands of pounds? Insurance is one of the most cost effective means of ensuring you are covered against such circumstances.

However, equine insurance itself can be a minefield.  We aim here to summarise the different types of cover available and help you make the right choice to suit your horse.

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