Horse Health Plans

Horse health plans are an ideal, cost-effective way to give you peace of mind that your horse is fit and well.

On booking the visit you will be asked numerous questions about your horse, including diet, management, current workload, worming programmes, feed supplements, current medication and any concerns or problems you might have.  This information is given to the vet prior to the visit, and ensures that the examination encompasses all of your needs.

The examination involves a full clinical examination of the entire horse, including the heart, lungs, skin, teeth, eyes and limbs.  A lameness examination will also be performed.  Blood samples or faecal samples may be taken if thought appropriate.

Any findings and/or recommendations will be discussed and explained as necessary.

After the visit has taken place you will receive a written plan detailing all clinical findings and potential treatments or management changes deemed necessary.

It may be possible to combine horse health plans with vaccinations or dental work, and these examinations are eligible for our zone visits.