Further Tests

Your insurance company may ask for further examinations to be performed in conjunction with the five stage pre purchase examination; this is usually related to the purchase price of the horse or its intended use. Further tests may also be advised when an abnormality is discovered during the pre purchase examination; for example, when an abnormal respiratory noise is heard at exercise or an abnormality of the foot or limb is noted but requires further investigation to determine its significance.

Further tests may include:

  • Endoscopy to assess the laryngeal function and the health of the upper airways
  • Radiography to detect or assess abnormalities of the feet or limbs
  • Ultrasonic evaluation of tendon, ligaments or soft tissues
  • ECG and ultrasonic evaluation of the heart and cardiovascular system
  • Radiography and dental endoscopy to assess abnormalities of the teeth or mouth
  • Further assessment of disorders of the eye, which may include ultrasonic evaluation or examination by a specialist.

Other diagnostic examinations, such as blood profiles, are available; however multiple diagnostic examinations of a horse prior to purchase may reveal insignificant abnormalities that may affect insurability. We would advise discussing any concerns you have or further examinations required with our veterinary surgeons prior to proceeding.

Pre purchase examinations