Digital Radiography

Radiography is one of the mainstays of diagnosis of bone and joint related disorders in the horse. The Scarsdale Veterinary Group has a range of radiographic equipment that is used in lameness investigation. We have both CR and DR digital technology. Digital technology means that higher resolution images can be produced with lower exposure doses than conventional radiography. Using advanced technology images are captured on specialised plates. These then transfer images to a computer where the image can be seen almost instantly. All images are stored electronically.

Most of our radiography is performed at the practice. Working in a quiet environment with our fully trained team means that we can optimise the images obtained. Diagnostic views are very position dependent and these are difficult to obtain with untrained people in a home stable environment. In doing most of our lameness investigation at the practice we aim to get the most accurate answer for you rather than the quickest and most convenient.

There are some instances however where it may not be appropriate to move the horse initially such as severe laminitis or fractures. In these cases we have ambulatory radiography facilities.

We aim to obtain high quality, accurate views and this takes time, patience and experience and our lameness team are dedicated to this. Images can be supplied for your farrier for shoeing if necessary and we will discuss any findings with them.