Joint Measurement (JMB)

Both Jacqui Paton and John Mason are on the panel of official measurers.  We have a purpose built measurement pad at the practice and can measure on most weekdays by prior arrangement (please ring the practice to arrange an appointment).  All horse or ponies that are measured need to have a microchip, if your horse or pony does not have an existing microchip, then we can microchip them immediately after the measurement (the JMB cannot issue a certificate until this has occurred)

Key Features of the Scheme

  • All horses and ponies must have at least one Annual Certificate before they can have a Full Certificate
  • Animals aged 4, 5 and 6 years can only have Annual Certificates that expire on the 31 December
  • Animals aged 7 years or more can have a Gold Certificate, without first having an Annual Certificate, which is immune to objection and re-measurement except by order of the JMB Stewards (for information about the Gold Certificate please contact the Joint Measurement Board directly)
  • All animals must have a readable microchip before a measurement certificate is issued
  • Measurements are carried out by Official Measurers.
  • Measurements are carried out on Registered Measuring Pads with shoes removed
  • Consecutive measurements must be done by different measurers.
  • The measurer for a Full Certificate must be from a different practice from the measurer for the last Annual Certificate
  • The fee for a measurement and issue of an Annual or Full Certificate is £85.00 and for a Gold Certificate is £500.00
  • A re-measurement procedure can be use to settle doubts about accuracy

For further information please contact the Joint Measurement Board

The Joint Measurement Board Ltd

PO Box 322



Tel:  01293 862101

Fax: 01293 863302



Preparing the Horse or Pony for Measurement  – a guide for Owners and Handlers (reproduced by kind permission of the Joint Measurement Board)

In accordance with the Rule Book of the Joint Measurement Board (Preparation and Venue for measurement, 34.2)  “It is the responsibility of the Owner, and in his interests, to ensure that the animal is well handled, accustomed to the measuring stick and correctly prepared for measurement.”

This guide aims to assist owners and handlers to achieve an accurate measurement, based on the careful education and preparation of the horse or pony (hereinafter ‘the animal’)

  • You are advised to study the current JMB Rule Book, in particular items 33, 34 and 35 which refer to the Measurement Procedure.
  • As it is necessary to travel to the approved Measuring Pad, give the animal travelling practice, so that it will arrive calmly at the destination.
  • As a matter of course, the animal should already be trained to stand still and squarely, wearing a headcollar and lead rope only, with the minimum of fidgeting.
  • For the purpose of accurate measurement, the animal should be further trained to place its front feet in line, and its hind feet no more than 15cm (6 inches) out of line with each other.
  • It must learn to relax and to lower its head to a natural position for many minutes and it must learn to allow a stranger to move quietly around it, with the minimum of fuss.
  • The animal must be presented in good condition, not far fro the condition it is in when shown, show-jumped or raced, with no signs of distress or dehydration.  the Official Measurer or Referees may offer the animal water to drink before or after the measurement takes place.
  • During the measuring process, the handler will be positioned in front of the animal and will stand calmly and quietly.
  • It is not recommended to feed the animal titbits or to fuss it; experience has shown thes makes the animal more fidgety and is counterproductive to achieving a still, calm persona.
  • In addition to travelling practice, it is wise to have accustomed the animal to strange surroundings (ie indoor premises other than its own familiar stable).
  • Finally you are advised to leave plenty of time for the journey, so that both you and your animal arrive calmly.