Why use your equine vet for dental work

  • All veterinary surgeons are fully qualified to perform all dental work.  At Scarsdale Equine many of our vets have also undergone further training in routine and advanced dental procedures so you can be sure your horse is getting the best possible up-to-date dental care.
  • Many horses resent dental work being performed.  Veterinary surgeons can administer sedation to enable safe and thorough examination and treatment of the mouth and teeth. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to perform high quality dentistry in a horse that is constantly moving his head.
  • Any health concerns and preventative health measures, such as dietary modification to aid management of dental conditions,  can often be discussed whilst dental work is being performed.
  • Veterinary Surgeons can administer local anaesthetic, pain relief and antibiotics if necessary.
  • At Scarsdale Equine we have access to equipment such as digital radiography, dental endoscopy and sinoscopy to aid our diagnosis in more complicated cases.  In addition we are able to perform dental surgery, such as extractions, at our clinic.
  • For further information regarding the legislation of Equine Dentistry in the UK please follow this link http://www.beva.org.uk/aboutus/PositionStatements and click on Equine Dental Procedures.