Routine Dental Work

All of our Equine Vets are fully qualified to provide routine dental care to your horse, pony or donkey, and carry a full set of routine equipment in their vehicles to enable routine procedures to be performed at your yard; however all dental work can also be performed at our clinic if you prefer.

Routine dental work involves removing any sharp enamel points from the outside (buccal) and inside (lingual) aspects of the teeth, and correcting any small overgrowths or enlarged ridges on the occlusal (grinding) surfaces of the teeth. 

The aim of routine dental work is to provide the horse with a comfortable mouth whilst maintaining the grinding surface of the teeth to ensure maximal grinding efficiency.

Horses must be covered for Tetanus  before any dental work can be carried out.  If you wish your horse to have dental work performed without prior vaccination then tetanus antitoxin will be administered to provide immediate cover against tetanus.  An additional charge will be incurred if this is requested.  We strongly recommend that all horses are vaccinated against tetanus as a minimum requirement.

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