Corrective Dentistry

In some cases your horse may require more extensive dental work.  This may be necessary if teeth have developed excessive overgrowths, for example if teeth are missing or positioned incorrectly, if there is poor natural conformation of the mouth, or if regular dental care has not been provided previously. In these cases motorised equipment is always used, as it allows overgrowths to be reduced much more quickly than with manual instruments, thus minimising the stress to the horse and decreasing the time required for the mouth to be held open. Sedation is always necessary when motorised tools are being used as there is far more chance of causing damage to the teeth or soft tissue structures should the horse move his head. Overgrown teeth can often be fully reduced in one treatment, however in some cases 2 or more treatments 3 to 6 months apart may be necessary to avoid risk of pulp exposure and extreme damage to the teeth. Scarsdale Equine currently own both mains operated and battery operated power tool units, and can therefore provide corrective dental work both at the clinic and at your yard or field.