Coronavirus COVID-19 & Visiting Our Burton Practices

With the current COVID-19 situation in the UK we are doing everything that we can to limit the spread of the disease. Please read the guidance below before booking or attending an appointment at your local practice.

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This information is correct at the time of publishing. Please be aware things may be subject to change at very short notice.

Latest update: 24-Mar-2020

Booking An Appointment

Our Stretton practice is temporarily closed. We ask that you please visit our Stapenhill practice should your pet need veterinary care.

We will no longer be taking bookings for routine appointments. We will continue to see ill and emergency patients only. We are also no longer allowing clients in to our practice (further details about attending appointments below). These measures have been put in place for the safety of both our teams and out clients.

Routine work has ceased at our other local practices outside of Burton.

We will continue to see ill and emergency patients. We will still be able to prescribe flea and worming medications, but ask that you please weigh your pet at home in order for us to prescribe the correct dosage.

These measures are all in place to protect our teams and clients by reducing the points of social contact between both.

New Appointment Booking Procedure

Emergency and sick pet appointments will carry on at all practices except Pride Veterinary Centre, Stretton and Alfreton. We will still see your pet, unless you fall under one of the following categories:

  • You are showing symptoms of 37.8C or above or a cough
  • You have been in contact with anyone showing the symptoms highlighted above
  • You have recently travelled to a high-risk country

If any of this applies to you, please get someone else to bring your pet to their appointment.

Arriving For Your Appointment & At Your Local Practice

To reduce the amount of social contact for all our practices, we are no longer allowing clients inside the building.When you bring your pet to their appointment, please adhere to the following guidance:

  • All clients must wait in the car park at their local practice upon arrival for their appointment.
  • On arrival, please call reception to let us know you have arrived (including proving us with details about your car).
  • Either the vet or someone else from the practice will come and collect your pet from the car, and you will need to stay in your vehicle.
  • Once in the consult room, our vet will then call you back to take history and further information.
  • Your pet will then be examined by the vet and a treatment plan advised.
  • A consent form will be brought to you to sign, allowing us to progress with the treatment plan.
  • If your pet can be sent home the same day, payment will be taken over the phone and your pet will be brought back to your car along with any medication administered.
  • If we keep your pet in the hospital, a deposit will be taken over the phone. Unfortunately, you will be unable to visit your pet throughout the duration of its stay.
  • On collection of your pet, please call reception to announce your arrival and any further payment required will be taken over the phone.
  • A vet or nurse will discharge your pet along with any medication to your car, and collect any insurance paperwork

Protocols In Practice

We have a number of protocols in place in our practices to help protect our staff, clients and patients:

  • We are no longer allowing clients in to the practice, but asking you to please wait in your vehicle and call us when you have arrived.
  • We would prefer it if you could pay with a card rather than cash as suggested by the WHO.
  • We have robust internal procedures in place should a member of staff feel unwell or who are at risk of contracting COVID 19. This is to ensure the least risk possible for the
    spread of the virus.

Home Visits

We are no longer able to do home visits for pets with immediate effect. If you are unable to bring your pet to the practice yourself, we advise that get a friend or family member to bring your pet to the practice on your behalf.

Households Infected With Coronavirus With Pets That Require Veterinary Care

If your household is in self-isolation and your pet requires veterinary care please call your local practice to book an appointment.

To reduce the risk of spreading the infection to our staff and other clients, we ask that you arrange for an individual not in your household and not in self isolation themselves to bring your pet in to the practice.

They will then need to call the practice on arrival so that your pet can be taken in to the practice to be examined. Please note that the vet and nurse will be wearing personal protective equipment as a precaution.

Group Classes

Dog training, puppy classes and agility are all also cancelled with immediate effect.

Pet Resort

Our cat and dog hotel bookings are operating as normal at the current time

We appreciate your patience at this time and will keep you updated as the situation develops

Out of hours emergency

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