Why Vaccinate Your Horse

Learn more about the types of equine vaccinations available and why it is beneficial to vaccinate your horse.

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Kate Southorn shares the benefits of vaccinating your horse.

There are multiple benefits to vaccinating your horse. The first and most important is that the vaccine protects your horse from serious diseases, particularly Equine Influenza and Tetanus. Vaccination time is an opportunity for you to ask your vet questions and make the most of their expertise in all aspects of preventative healthcare. Tetanus vaccination is essential for all equines as the bacteria that causes Tetanus, Clostridium tetani, is present in soil everywhere.

Combined vaccination against Equine Influenza and Tetanus is recommended for every horse and is essential for competing horses or those that are kept on large yards. Influenza infections are not usually fatal but can be serious and expensive to treat. Infection on a yard requires strict quarantine preventing horses from competing and can cause significant loss of performance in affected animals. Vaccination involves an initial course of two vaccines 4-6 weeks apart followed by a vaccine 6 months later and then a booster within 365 days.

Vaccination time is a good opportunity to get your horses teeth checked and for us to carry out any dental care that is required. We have a team that are highly skilled at equine dentistry and access to advanced dental treatments such as extractions, periodontal and caries treatments if more complex problems are noted on examination. Combining the two procedures is convenient and easier to remember.

The Healthy Horse Club, which is an inclusive preventative health care package with additional benefits, spreads the cost of  vaccination, worm egg counting and dental treatments via monthly payments and includes an annual health check and free visit (contact the practice or see website for details).

We are holding an amnesty to reduce the cost of restarting Equine Influenza and Tetanus cover, to help owners to ensure their horses have full protection.

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