Why Does My Dog…

We explain why dogs display certain behaviours, including jumping, pulling on their lead, barking and more.

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Jump Up

Puppies greet other dogs and people by licking their face, and because they are cute we reward the behaviour by talking to and stroking the puppy. When the puppy grows into an adult they will still jump up because they have learnt to gain attention, however we are not so pleased with them.

Pull On The Lead

Dogs naturally walk faster than we do, plus they get excited about walks, often pulling to get to the park, making the journey unbearable for their owners.

Hide Or Run Away When It’s Time For Their Walk

Often walks can be scary with different noises, other dogs and people. Owners can also turn this behaviour into a game by chasing the dog around the house to attach the lead.

Dogs with certain medical conditions may also find walking uncomfortable, so are reluctant to have the lead put on.


This is the way dogs communicate, so barking can mean many different things; excitement, play, frustration, attention or fear. It is important to know what the cause of the barking is before you can address the problem

Not Come Back When Called

When dogs are young the excitement of playing with other dogs, people or the reward from sniffing is often more exciting than coming back to their owners. It then becomes a problem as owners are less likely to let their dogs off the lead to exercise, causing dogs to have more pent up energy, often leading to a range of behavioural problems.

Every dog and owner relationship is different so blanket training methods often fail to get the results the owner requires.

We’re Here To Help

All the issues mentioned in this article can be addressed by speaking to our team of dog trainers and behaviourists at Pride Veterinary Centre. They can discuss your individual problems and advise the best course of action for you to take.

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