What To Do In A Pet Emergency

Do you know what to do if your pet is involved in an accident or other emergency situation? Read our advice

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Firstly, if your pet has been involved in an accident or has been injured, don’t panic. Remember they can pick up on your emotions and you being calm will help them to stay calm too.

Protect yourself, if he or she has been seriously injured be aware that a normally loving pet may bite or scratch when in pain.

What To Do In An Emergency

  • Call your local vet as soon as possible. Pride Veterinary Centre is open 24/7, call us on 01332 678333 in an emergency. We can be prepared when you come through the door if we have prior warning you’re on the way. We may also be able to give you some advice on managing your pet until you get here
  • If they are bleeding, apply gentle but firm pressure to the wound with a clean towel
  • Cats are best transported in a basket where they can’t further hurt themselves or escape
  • If your dog or cat is unable to get up, try moving them carefully by using a board or a towel as a stretcher
  • Most importantly get your pet safely and quickly to the hospital where we have all the expertise and equipment required to deal with their injuries.

Out of hours emergency

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