VetImpress App

Scarsdale Farm Vets are now using VetImpress, a new online data collection app to improve decision making on cattle farms.

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This app can be used either on a smart phone or tablet.

With your vet, it can be used to collect:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis and fertility data
  • Animal weights and growth rates
  • Body condition scores
  • Mobility scores
  • Breeding events (AI/heat detection/calving)
  • Disease information
  • Hoof trimming data

As part of our service, we are using the app to monitor and record fertility data on farm to better anaylse and store the information we gather during routine fertility visits. This data can then be used to guide future management decisions to improve on farm production. For dairy heifer rearing and beef farmers, animal weights can be gathered and investigated to see if animals are reaching weight gain targets. The app can also be used to access cow records whilst working around the farm, saving time going through records in the office.

The app is currently free for Scarsdale Vets clients to use and there is also a farmer app called FarmImpress that can be used to input and analyse farm management data including:

  • Animal records
  • Farm medicine cupboard
  • Animal treatment records
  • Animal groups
  • Weights
  • Feed management

The app is designed to give the farmer a greater level of detail of what is going on with their cows and help them to comply with their farm assurance standards and records.

Ask your vet about how VetImpress can be used to maximise profit on your farm.

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