Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month | Behind The Scenes

Take a peek behind the scenes at the Equine clinic to see how our veterinary nurses play a pivotal role in helping provide your horse with the best care.

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May was Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month. Our nursing team are at the core of the high quality care that we provide for your horse.

To show our appreciation for the hard work they do, we take you behind the scenes at the Equine Clinic so you can have a peek at what they do.

Gastroscopy Assistance

Nurses assist with gastroscope in the hospital, endoscopes in the clinic and out on yards.

The nurses are also responsible for cleaning and sterilising scopes following use. As you can see this isn’t always an easy task due to the length of the scope and care must be taken not to damage the Fibre Optic Cables.

Surgical Sterilisation

The equine nursing team are also responsible for cleaning and sterilising all kits and surgical equipment (including the farm team’s).

Instruments are rinsed and then cleaned with disinfectant before being rinsed once more. The equipment is then checked for damage, once instruments are clean and dry, they are placed into a drape with swabs and appropriate needles.

These kits are then placed in an autoclave, which steams the instruments at 134 degrees Celsius for 3.5 minutes which will sterilise the equipment ready for surgery.

Successful sterilisation depends on correct preparation, correct loading of kits/instruments into the autoclave, and ensuring equipment is allowed adequate time for sterilisation to occur. A basic cycle takes around 30 min.

When kits are made, indicator strips are placed in to them which change colour in response to time temperature and pressure.

If the strip does not change colour then the kit is classed as non-sterile and will be resterilised before use.


Out of hours emergency

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