UPDATE: BVDFree England

We would like to encourage as many of you as possible to sign up to the BVDFree England scheme. The aim is to eliminate BVD from the country.

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Many of you, both dairy and beef, have already signed up to the BVDFree England scheme, which is great. For those that haven’t, we would like to encourage as many of you as possible to sign up. The aim is to eliminate BVD, a major disease problem, from the country.

Why Join The BVDFree England Scheme

The identification of persistently infected (PI) animals, and removal of them from the herd, will improve your health status in many ways.

If you join, you will be agreeing:

  • To test your herd and report any results to the BVDFree database.
  • Not to move PI animals to another farm, but send them directly to slaughter instead.

The BVDFree database will enable you to check whether animals you are buying in are free from BVD, helping you to keep your herd clear from the disease.

Reduce herd disease and costs from losses by getting involved or contact the practice for help and assistance.

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