Top Tips For Springtime

With spring fast approaching, follow our top tips for keeping your pet’s safe at this time of year.

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As the sun is shines, the days become longer and we don’t always need to put on our coat to take the dog out for a walk we welcome spring. Unfortunately as with any change of season, there are hidden hazards that you need to look out for if you have a pet. Ahead of the change in season, we share our top tips for springtime.

Chocolate Goodies

Easter arrives with the inevitable array of chocolate goodies, particularly if you have children. Please remember that human chocolate is poisonous to pets. Please don’t let children feed it to pets and keep it out of reach. There are plenty of delicious treats available for dogs if you want them to join in at Easter.


Many households see springtime as the ideal starting time to get their garden growing again. However, there are certain bulbs and plants that are hazardous to pets. Lilies in particular can be fatal to cats and it is best to keep all fertilisers and weedkillers out of reach of pets. If you are using weedkiller, check if you need to keep pets out of the area after you have used it. Also please take care with slug pellets when gardening as they are also toxic to pets.

Spring Cleaning

And the next thing on the list is usually a spring clean in the house. An increase in dust could set off a reaction in your pet, and you need to ensure all cleaning products are kept out of harm’s way. If you think your pet has eaten or drunk something they shouldn’t have, you must call your vet immediately.

The earlier you can get them treated, the better the outcome should be for them.


You need to take care with dogs swimming in ponds, lakes and rivers – make sure you look out for blue or green algae.


Consider protecting rabbits against flystrike – regular cleaning of hutches and daily bottom checks!

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks will become more active when the warmer weather hits us. Don’t forget to speak with your vet about preventative medication. You may need to treat areas of your home too, but please check that your flea treatment is suitable for your home. We do occasionally see cats that have been poisoned by treatment given to the family dog. Not all treatments are suitable for dog and cat households. For the best advice, please speak to your vet.


Our final top tip for springtime is keep paints and chemicals away from your pet. We also see a number of paw injuries at this time of year. This could be where a dog or cat has a nail, splinter or screw embedded in their paw. We would recommend having a safe area for your pet so you know they can walk around or play without any hazards being present.


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