Top Tips For Rugging

Be prepared for the upcoming winter and follow these top tips for rugging.

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  • Don’t over-rug – allowing your horse to overheat can be detrimental to their health
  • Layering multiple thin rugs can be better than one very heavy rug
  • Opt for a lighter weight rug to increase energy expenditure and aid weight loss
  • Ensure turnout rugs are fully waterproof without rips or tears
  • Anti-rub vests can be great for high withered horses to reduce rubs and sores
  • Tie leg straps tight enough so that the rug will not slip or allow legs to get trapped whilst rolling – you should fit approx a fist between your horse’s belly and the straps
  • When sizing up for a new rug, measure from the centre of your horses chest to the end of their tail head, this will allow rugs to fully cover your horse’s bottom
  • Ensure rugs have a fillet string to stop tail flaps blowing in the wind
  • Try different brands of rug to see which fits your horse’s shape the best
  • Send your rugs off to be washed and re-proofed regularly to extend their lifetime

Be prepared for the winter ahead! We have a selection of rug washes, rug proofers and year washes available in our shop.

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