Top 5 Pet Care Tips For Autumn

Autumn is a busy time of year, but your pet’s still need your attention and time. We share our top 5 tips for looking after your pets this Autumn.

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We share our top pet care tips for Autumn.

Autumn has arrived and sadly the summer has gone. The kids are back at school and we are all preparing for the seasonal events of Halloween, Guy Faulks night and Christmas. It’s certainly a busy time of year.

Just don’t forget your pets still need your attention and time. Here are my top 5 tips to help you this autumn.

1. Check Your Pet’s Identichip Details Are Up To Date

Make sure your pet identichip details are up-to-date so should your animal stray, they have a good chance of being reunited with you. You can check identichip details by going online to one of the identichip companies. Petlog is one of the biggest in the UK and we regularly use their services.

You can check your own animals identichip account details on the Petlog website. If you don’t have access to the internet we are also very happy to help. Please call our Client Care Team (01332 678333) or book a free nurse appointment to have your pet’s identichip scanned and details checked.

2. Keep Warm

We have a large range of coats to fit all dogs at Pride Veterinary Centre. We even have a range of animal jumpers. If you are unable to travel to Pride Veterinary Centre but can get to your local practice then please call and we can have a selection ready for your pet to try during your visit. Our staff are always willing to help. If you have one of our VIP voucher booklets, you will receive £3 off when you spend over £30 in our pet care store in October and November. For dog owners, please never leave your pet outside unattended, especially whilst its cold.

3. Maintain Parasite Protection

Remember fleas, worms and ticks are a year-round issue. We provide a wide range of treatments to keep your pet healthy and well. Many of these preventative measures will prevent multiple parasite infestations with just one simple treatment. Why don’t you book your free consultation with our lovely and professional nursing team? We are always willing to help.

4. Be Aware of Potential Environmental Toxins

The wetter weather will bring out the mushrooms and toadstools. I am afraid that the wide variety makes identification difficult so will often induce vomiting in dogs who have eaten a suspected fungus.

Despite many being fine with suitable treatment, try to prevent this issue in the first place by inspecting your garden before you let your pet out and the environment when you walk your dog. If your pet does ingest a fungus please take a sample or take a picture as the Veterinary Poisons Information Service can help us identify the fungus (for a fee) so that we can provide the best treatment for your pet.

Be aware that chocolate, raisins and grapes are all potentially toxic.

5. Maintain Your Walks

I know Autumn is very busy but your dog will really appreciate regular walks and many of us also appreciate getting out and about. The health benefits are clear for our animal companions as well as ourselves.

Get out there and enjoy the health and social benefits of walking. Your pet will enjoy it and I am sure you will too. Remember to check and clean your dog’s feet after exercise. Stones and plant material can get caught between toes and cause trauma.

Enjoy Autumn and stay safe from all of us at Scarsdale Vets!

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